Apply Bulk Actions to Your DAM Assets

With Konvert's™ DAM bulk actions capabilities, admins can efficiently modify asset access, categories and tags, and delete assets.

In this article, we will explain:

  • How to access bulk actions
  • How to select assets
  • How to apply bulk actions


To access bulk actions, navigate to an Asset Results page by selecting a category, featured category, asset file type, or utilize the search featue. 

If needed, modify the results by utilizing the Filters menu (Fig. 1) on the righthand side of the page until the desired assets accessible on the Asset Results page.

Figure 1. The Filters menu

From the Asset Results page, click the Bulk Actions button (Fig. 2) at the top of the page. 

Figure 2. The Bulk Actions button


To select the assets you would like to modify, click the Select All link (Fig. 3) at the top of the page, or individually select an asset by clicking the checkbox above the top lefthand corner of the asset thumbnail. Deselect an asset by unchecking the checkbox above the top righthand corner of the asset thumbnail. To clear your selection, click the Clear Selection link (Fig. 3) at the top of the page.

Figure 3. The Select All link and Clear Selection link


Once your preferred assets are selected, click the Actions button (Fig. 4) at the top of page and select the preferred action type from the Actions drop-down menu (Fig. 5).

Figure 4. The Actions button

Figure 5. The Actions drop-down menu

The following action can be applied to your selection:

  • Set file access to all users: Allows all users to access the asset(s).
  • Set file access to only admin users: Allows only admins to access the asset(s). 
  • Add group access: Allows users in a specific group or groups to access the asset. Choose your group(s) from the drop-down menu.
  • Remove group access: Removes access to a specific group or groups.
  • Enable public access: Allows the asset(s) to be accessible to non-portal users via a unique URL. 
  • Disable public access: Removes access for non-portal users. 
  • Add categories: Adds the asset(s) to one or more categories. Choose your category or categories from the drop-down menu.
  • Remove categories: Removes the asset(s) from one or more categories. 
  • Add tags: Adds a tag to the asset(s). Enter your tag(s) or choose your tag(s) from the drop-down menu.
  • Remove tags: Removes the tag(s) from the asset(s).
  • Delete files: Deletes the asset(s) from the Digital Asset Library.