Custom Domain DNS Instructions

In order to get your Konvert™ portal to be available at your custom domain, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Add DNS Record: The DNS which controls your domain is usually where you purchased the domain from. It can also be a different DNS service. Within the DNS for your domain, add this record: Name: <the subdomain you choose>Record Type: CNAMEValue:
  2. Tell your Konvert contact which subdomain you have selected and added the record for, and we will enable your portal at this domain.
  3. We will set up an SSL certificate and enable traffic to route to your custom domain. Your portal will still be available under your [subdomain] address as well.

Konvert does not directly support Apex / Root domains (a domain with no subdomain). If a root domain is desired, add the CNAME record under and add a redirect from to the

Custom domains are included in the Professional plan and the Enterprise plan.