Onboarding Users


Konvert's™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Learning Management System (LMS) features offer a nuanced way to interface with your internal and external audiences. You can best use these features to your advantage with a robust onboarding strategy and a clear understanding of the different ways you can add new users to your portal. 

Here are a few things to think about when building your onboarding strategy:

  • How many users need to be added to the portal?
  • What parts of my Konvert portal do these users need access to?
  • How much control do I need to have over who can access the portal with a link?
  • How will I be grouping my users?


There are two different ways to invite your audience to your Konvert portal. Both methods get the job done, but one may be better than the other based on how many people you are hoping to enroll or what you want them to be able to access. This is one of the reasons it is important to plan ahead and have a strategy for onboarding. For example, if you are planning to add 50 users to complete an LMS module, you may choose to use an invite link. If you are hoping to add one or two administrators to your DAM, it may be best to add those users individually, rather than using a link that can be shared. 

Learn more about adding users to the portal individually. 

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Learn more about setting permissions via user Groups.

Learn more about organizing your portal with Accounts.

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