Manage News and Updates

The News and Updates sidebar, located at the righthand side of your Konvert™ portal homepage (Fig. 1), will display your most recent news articles. Administrators can easily add and manage news and updates inside the Konvert portal.

In this article, we will explain:

  • How to add news and updates
  • How to edit or delete an article

Fi gure 1. The Konvert™ Portal homepage


To add news and updates, click the View All link (Fig. 2) at the bottom of the News and Updates sidebar to access the News and Updates page.

Figure 2. The View All link

From the News and Updates page, click on the Add News button (Fig. 3) at the top righthand corner of the page. 

Figure 3. The Add News button

From the Add News page (Fig. 4):

  • Add a title in the Title field
  • Select the date in the Date field
  • Upload an image by clicking on the Upload Image button
  • Enter your body copy in the Body filed

Click the  Save button and Close Editor button.

Figure 4. The Add News page


To edit a news article, click on the article you would like to modify. 

Click the Edit button (Fig. 5) at the top righthand corner of the page to open the Edit News page.

Figure 5. The Edit button

 From the Edit News page (Fig. 6), you can modify your Title, change the Date, change your Image, and edit your Body copy.

Click the  Save button and Close Editor button. 

Figure 6. The Edit News page

To delete a news article, click the Delete button (Fig. 7) at the bottom righthand corner of the page. 

Figure 7. The Delete button