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Editing a Document

  • From the Main View, identify a document you would like to edit and click the “i” button beneath the title if in icon view or to the right if you are in list view
  • The document editor will open, where all the editing of your document will take place
  • In the field marked “Title,” you can assign a title to the document. This title is separate from the filename of the document, which will not change. To save a new title, you must click the “Save Title” button to the right of the field
  • Under “User Groups,” you will be able to specify the set(s) of users that have access to your DAM, such as Administrators, Marketing or Sales
  • Under “Categories,” you can assign a category to the document that will then group it with other documents. This will allow easier filtering of documents in the Main View of the DAM. Simply click the “Select Category” dropdown menu and select any applicable categories
  • The field beneath “Categories” is “Tags.” A Tag works in much the same way as a category. These are one-word identifiers that allow for more advanced filtering of documents in the Main View. You can add tags by typing the name of the tag, then clicking “Add Tags” to the right. Multiple tags can be added at once by separating the tags with a comma. Example: tag1, tag2, tag3
  • Below the Tags, you will see a table showing a history of all changes made to the file
  • To delete the file, click the red “Delete” button at the bottom of the page. You can also delete files from the Main View by clicking the “X” underneath the file in icon view or to the right in list view
  • To exit the document editor, click the blue “Return” button at the bottom