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Metrics are used to track the activity on your Konvert™ platform, helping you monitor your users' progress and measure the performance of your content.

In the Portal Administration page, click Metric Reports.

The first page is an overview of the activity in your portal. You will find data for the number of sessions and page views as well as the amount of time spent in the portal. You can choose to view the data daily or monthly. 

In the bottom right corner of each graph, you can download the table as an image (.png) or CSV file (Fig. 1).

Download buttons
Figure 1. Click the buttons above to download a .png or CSV file. 


In the Metric Reports navigation bar above the data tables, you can click LMS or DAM to view the data for your Learning Management System and Digital Asset Management



Here, you can metrics organized into four parts: Overview, Modules, Users and Accounts


Here, you can find data tables for Time Spent Learning, Modules Completed and LMS Assets Viewed/Downloaded. Each of these tables can be downloaded as PNG or CSV files. 

Metrics Overview page
Figure 2. Example of an Overview page in Metrics Reports


View data for each individual module and its components by selecting it from the list (Fig. 3). 

Metrics Module reports
Figure 3. Example of a Module report

Click through each module to find data on completion and proficiency. Graphs can be downloaded as a PNG or CSV file. 


View progress for individual users here by clicking the black drop-down arrow to the left of their name. For each Module and its components, you are able to view their proficiency and progress records. 

Use the search bar to type in the name and search for an individual user. Make sure to clear the search bar after finding the user you are looking for. Use the box next to the search bar to filter by account. 


View progress and proficiency for each account here. Use the drop arrows to the left of each account name to view data for the assigned modules. Use the search bar to search for specific accounts by typing in the name. 



Here, find data for Assets Accessed, Most Popular Assets and Category Distribution. For the Category Distribution data, you can choose to view it as a pie chart or list by clicking the icons in the top right corner of that card. For each of the data sets, you can download a PNG or CSV file.

Metrics DAM page
Figure 4. Example of a Metrics Reports page for DAM.