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Accounts offer a broader range of control and information than groups. For instance, accounts can have administrators that have basic management abilities. Accounts also provide additional details, such as the website and locations of your account users, and LMS progress.  Accounts can also have customizable fields, groups cannot.

Access your Accounts by clicking on your name in the top, right-hand corner of the page and selecting Accounts (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Click Accounts to manage the Accounts in your portal.

Adding Accounts

To add a new account, click the blue Add Account button.

Fill out each field with the appropriate information.

  • Account Name. Each account must be named.
  • Website. This is an optional field. Enter the URL of the main website associated with the account to keep this information organized and accessible.
  • Account User Groups. Use this field to indicate whether users in this account should also be added to any group(s).

Additional fields in this form vary depending on your personalized Konvert portal. For example, you may have an Account Number field, which refers to existing account numbers in your records (Fig. 2).

Adding a new Account
Figure 2. Fill out each field to create your account. Depending on your personalized portal, your fields may be different.

When finished, click Save. This opens the account editor. 


Use this form (Fig. 3) to add any locations relevant to the account. After filling out the phone number and address information, click the green Save button. Locations will appear in a list. Click on a location to edit or delete.

Adding a Location to a new Account
Figure 3. To save a location to your Account, fill out this form and click Save. 


To add a new user to the account, click Add User. The Invite a User form will appear (Fig. 4). Complete the form by designating a title (if applicable, entering name and email information, and designating any Groups that user should be added to. Click Save. Users added to the account will appear in the list.

Invite a User
Figure 4. Use this form to invite new users to your account.

To learn more about inviting new users, visit the User Management page in Portal Administration. 

Editing Accounts 

All created Accounts can be found in list view in the Accounts page. To edit an account from this page, simply click on the account in the list.

Accounts List

Konvert™ allows you to view the users in your accounts in a way that works best for you. Once your list has been organized the way you like it, you can share the list by copy pasting the URL, which customizes to your list preferences, or export and download as a CSV file.

Editing the List

Columns can be added or removed based on your preferences. Click the gray Edit Columns button at the top left of the Accounts list. Choose which fields you would like to be present in the list by using the dropdown menu of options; feel free to begin typing the term to search for it more quickly. Click the x on a field to remove it from the list.

Exporting the List

To export your list, click the gray Export to CSV button at the top, right corner of the table. Konvert will generate a CSV file. When it is complete, a green Download File button will appear in place of the gray one. Click Download File.