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A Group is a collection of users with the same permissions for using your portal. When inviting users to register, you will need to assign them to the group(s) that determines the content they can access on your portal.

Adding Groups

To create a group, click on the drop-down list next to your name and select Groups, then click on the Add Group button (Fig. 1).

Add Groups Button
Figure 1. To create a new group, click the Add Group button. 


Create a Group Name and designate the group Permissions, which determine the access these group members have to your portal. These are defined roles that determine which set of "permissions" a group would have when assigned to that role. To Set Custom Permissions, click the checkboxes to indicate what a group of users can (checked) or cannot (unchecked) do.

If No Permissions Needed is checked, the users in that group can view only basic parts of the portal, such as any modules that are marked for open enrollment. You can choose No Permissions Needed, permissions you have made before or Set Custom Permissions (Fig. 2). 


Screenshot: List of Permissions as they appear in the form
Figure 2. Click the boxes next to each task to make them available to users. 

Once a group has been created, users can be added to that group when you create an invite link and when you invite a user or edit their account using the User Management page.

Editing Groups 

To edit a group, click on the drop-down list next to your name and select Your Group. Click on the group you would like to edit to go to the Edit Group page. Make the desired name and/or permissions changes and click Save.

To delete the group, click Delete.