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User Management

To manage users for your account, click on the drop-down list next to your name and select Users to go to the User Management page.

Adding New Users

To add users to your account, click the Invite a User button (Fig. 1). 

Screenshot of the Invite a User button
Figure 1. Click the Invite a User button to begin adding a new user. 

Enter information for the user you wish to add (Fig. 2).

Screenshot of the Invite User form
Figure 2. Use this form to enter your user's information into the portal. 
  • Enter the user's
    • Title
    • First Name
    • Last Name 
    • Email Address
    • Portal Account
      Accounts allow different levels of organization management within the portal. For instance, an account may allow basic management control for certain users. 
    • Groups
      Groups allow you to set the permissions and assignments for users in that group. 
  • Click Save to add the new user. The page will reset to add another user.

Once you add a new user, an email will be sent to the email address provided to prompt them to create their account. 

Editing Existing User Accounts

To manage updates to a user account, click on the drop-down list next to your name and select Your Users to go to the User Management page.

You will see a list of your users in the User Management page (Fig. 3).

Screenshot of User Management list
Figure 3. Your users are listed in the User Management page.

To make changes to a user account, simply click on that user’s name (Fig. 4). 

Screenshot of the User Edit page
Figure 4. User account page. 

Here, you can:

  • Make changes to the user’s module assignments or groups;
  • Resend the Welcome email sent initially upon account creation; or 
  • Preview the page via the user account view.

When you are finished making changes, click Save and then Close Editor

If you wish to delete the account, click the red Delete button. Confirm deletion.