Sharing Invite Links

Konvert™ invite link functionality allows you to control which users register for your portal and what they are assigned to without having to add each user to the portal individually. Once created, you can easily share your invite link with your intended audience. 

In this article, we will explain:

  • How to access the invite link page
  • How to share an invite link


To access the Invite Link page, click on the arrow next to your name in the upper righthand corner of the page. Select the Users link (Fig. 1) from the drop-down menu. 

Figure 1. The Users link

From the Users page, click the Invite Links button (Fig. 2) in the top righthand corner of the page to access the Invite Link page. 

Figure 2. The Invite Links button


From the Invite Links page (Fig. 3), you can view all of your invite links and easily copy the invite link URL, view access codes, view the number of registrations and view any applicable expiration dates.

Figure 3. The Invite Links page

To copy the invite link URL, click the Copy Link button (Fig. 4) on the Invite Links page (Fig. 3). The link can also be copied from the Edit Invite Link page. The button will change to alert you that the link was copied. Then, share the URL with your preferred audience via email or any other method.

Figure 4. The Copy Link button

When a user goes to the link they'll be asked to sign in or register. Once they log in, they will be directed to your portal's homepage and will have access to assigned modules or assets. If a redirect path was assigned in the invite link, users will be directed to the designated redirect path.

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