Editing and Deleting an Asset

Your Konvert™ DAM Platform makes it easy to quickly edit or replace your assets.

In this article, we will explain:
  • How to access the Edit Asset Page
  • How to edit an asset
  • How to replace an asset
  • How to delete an asset


To access the Edit Asset page, click the drop-down menu on the top-left and click the Digital Asset Library link (Fig. 1). 

Figure 1. The Digital Asset Library Link

From the Digital Asset Library landing page, click on any category or featured category (Fig. 2) to access the DAM Results page (Fig. 3).

Figure 2. Featured Categories

Figure 3. The DAM Results page

From the DAM Results page, identify the asset you would like to edit and click the information button (Fig. 4). The button is beneath the title if you are in icon view or to the right if you are in list view. This opens the Edit Asset page (Fig. 5), where you will make your changes. 

Figure 4. The information button


From the Edit Asset page (Fig. 5), you can modify the following:

  • Title: In the Title field, you can modify a title of the asset. This title is separate from the filename of the asset, which will not change. Choose a brief but descriptive title to help users easily find the document. Click the Save Title button.
  • Asset Description: In the Asset Description field, you can modify the description of the asset. This description will be displayed when the asset is viewed, including the public view if Public Access is enabled.
  • User Groups: In the User Groups section, modify the group(s) that have access to your asset and click the Save User Groups button.
  • Categories: In the Categories section, modify the category or categories as needed and click the Save Categories button.
  • Tags: In the Tags section, modify tags as needed. These are one-word identifiers that allow for more advanced filtering of assets. You can add tags by typing the name of the tag, then clicking the Add Tags button. Multiple tags can be added at once by separating the tags with a comma. Example: tag1, tag2, tag3.

To view the file change history, click the Show File change History button. 

To change Public Access settings, click the Manage Public Access button at the top-right corner of the page. For more information on public access, visit the Creating DAM Public Access Links article.

Once changes are complete, click the Save button and the Close Editor button.

Figure 5. The Edit Asset page


To replace an asset, navigate to the Edit Asset page (Fig. 5). In the Replace Asset section, drag your new asset into the Drag to Replace box or click the Or Browse For Asset button to select a file. 


To delete the asset, navigate to the Edit Asset page (Fig. 5) and click the Delete button (Fig. 6) at the bottom-right corner of the page. You can also delete files from the DAM Results page by clicking the “X” underneath the file if you are in icon view or to the right if you are in list view.

Figure 6. The Delete button