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Invite Links

Konvert™ invite link functionality allows you to control which users register for your portal and what they are assigned to without having to add each user to the portal individually.

Creating an Invite Link

To begin creating invite links, click on the drop-down list next to your name and select Accounts, then Users to go to the User Management page. Click the Invite Links button (Fig. 1).

Invite Links Screenshot
Figure 1. Invite Links button

Next, click the Create Invite Link button (Fig. 2) at the top-right corner. 

Manage Invites page with Create Invite button
Figure 2. Manage Invites page with Create Invite Link button

From the Create Invite Link page (Fig. 3), you can create an invite link with different options.

  • Add a descriptive Title to your invite link to help you remember what it's for, such as an open registration or specific user group.
  • If you would like the invite link to expire and no longer accept users after a certain date, you can set an Expires after date.
  • Invite links marked as Open registration will allow users to register without needing an access code.
  • Use the Add Users to Account field to automatically sort the user into the appropriate account upon acceptance of the invite. 
  • If you have a custom field attached to accounts, enter that information into the Account Match Field text box. If you need more information on custom fields, reach out to your Konvert representative for more information. 
    For non-open registration invite links, you can find the Access Code in the table which lists your invites. If you send the invite via a copy-pasted URL, the Access Code is already embedded and your recipient will not need it. 
  • You can restrict invite link access to specific email domains using the Allowed Email Domains.
  • To create your invite link to automatically add these users to a specific user group, select a group or multiple groups from the User Groups dropdown. When more than one user group is selected, users will have to choose a group when accepting the invite.
  • Pre-assign modules to users who register with the link by selecting the appropriate modules from the list under Assign Modules
  • To control where users are directed to after accepting an invite, enter a valid Konvert path in the Redirect Path field. Note: This must be a path inside of your portal and not an external link.
  • Not ready to publish the invite link or want to retire an existing one? Use the Enabled checkbox to control whether or not users can register using the invite link. To disable the invite link, simply uncheck the checkbox. 
  • Click Save to save the Module or click Cancel to cancel any changes you’ve made.
Invite form
Figure 3. Fill out the form to create your invite.

Sharing Invite Links

Once you've created an invite, you can copy the invite URL by clicking the Copy Link button (Fig. 4) on either the Invite Links page or Edit Invite Link pages. The button will change to alert you that the link was copied (Fig. 5). Then, share the URL with potential users via email or any other method.

Screenshot of Invite Links page
Figure 4. Click the Copy Link button.
Edit Invite page Copy Link button
Figure 5. Copy Link button on Edit Invite Link page

When a user goes to the link they'll be asked to sign in or register, and then be directed to the Redirect Path you entered above. If there is no Redirect Path, they'll be directed to the portal's home page.