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Courses allow you to separate lengthy learning materials into smaller, more digestible groups of information.

Note: Every Module must contain at least one Course.

  1. Select a Module, then click the LMS Edit Mode toggle and click the “pencil” icon in the Course you’d like to edit, or select Create Course.
     Click the "pencil” icon in the Course you’d like to editClick in the "Create Course" box to add a new Course to your Module
  2. Add or update a Course Image to give a visual representation of the purpose of the Course. To add an image click Use Image, then either drag and drop into the space provided, or click Add Files and select the desired image. When finished, click OK. Or, select Use Icon/Gradient and select your Degrees of Gradient, Start Color, End Color and Icon, then click Save.
  3. Type the Course Title into the bar provided to name this Course.
  4. Add a Description: Adding a description is optional. The Description can include Rich Text, which allows for bulleted or numbered lists (just click on the appropriate icon above the text bar). You may also include Bold, Italic, Underlined or Linked text in the Description.
  5. Click Save to save Course.
  • Click Unpublish to unpublish this course. If you Unpublish a course, the course will remain in the system, but it cannot be viewed until you Publish it. To permanently delete a course, click Delete.
  • Click Cancel to cancel any changes you’ve made.
  • To reorder Courses within a Module, click the Reorder Courses toggle, then drag and drop courses into your desired order.
Reorder Courses
Reorder Courses