Getting Started with Modules

The Konvert™ LMS is presented to users through Modules (Fig. 1). Each module holds an entire learning journey and is a collection of courses grouped together to provide a learning framework. Modules are also how you assign LMS content to your users.

Figure 1. Example of Modules that appear as "cards"

In this article, we will explain:

  • The LMS module structure
  • LMS module settings


Konvert™ LMS module structure (Fig. 2) is made up of courses, chapters, activities and actions. Modules must contain at least one course, which must contain at least one chapter, which must contain at least one activity. While you must have at least one course, chapter and activity, you may create as many as you need. Actions are the individual questions or quizzes associated with an activity and help to reinforce learning.

Figure 2. The LMS module structure.

  • Modules are the highest level of learning. Modules function like a "school" — each Module is configured as a separate learning experience.
  • Courses function like a "class" within a Module. Courses provide LMS authors the first level of learning content organization.
  • Chapters within a Course present learning content in small segments — with focus on specific concepts or ideas. 
  • Activities & Actions within a Chapter present users with learning materials and quizzes. 
  • Activities may include: 
    • Videos
    • Slideshows
    • Reading materials
    • Downloadable content
  • Actions may include tests featuring:
    • Multiple choice
    • True/false
    • Fill-in