Uploading an Asset

The Konvert™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform is a secure place to share important assets with your internal and external audiences. As an administrator, you can easily upload assets and designate which groups of users have access to the assets. 

In this article, we will explain:

  • How to access the Digital Asset Library landing page
  • How to upload an asset


To access the Digital Asset Library landing page (Fig. 2), click the drop-down menu in the top-left corner of the page and click the Digital Asset Library link (Fig. 1). 

Figure 1. The Digital Asset Library link


From Digital Asset Library landing page (Fig. 2), click on any category, featured category or enter search criteria to access the DAM Results page (Fig. 3). From the DAM Results page, click the Add Assets button (Fig. 4) at the top of the page to access the Adding Digital Assets page (Fig. 5).

Figure 2. The Digital Asset Library landing page

Figure 3. The DAM Results page

Figure 4. The Add Assets button

From the Adding Digital Assets page (Fig. 5), you can upload a single asset or multiple assets with the same public-access, category and user-group settings. Either drag and drop your asset(s) into the asset upload box or click the box to select your asset(s).

Figure 5. The Adding Digital Assets page

After adding your asset(s), a thumbnail of the asset will appear in addition to the following asset settings (Fig. 6):

  • Public Access: Public access allows you to send a link to this asset to anyone in the world — they don't need access to the portal to see it. They won't be able to see anything else other than this asset. If you would like to enable public access, click the Allow Public Access checkbox. To learn more about public access links, visit the Creating DAM Public Access Links article.
  • Assign Categories: Categories allow one or more digital assets to be categorized (or grouped) together. Select the preferred category or categories from the drop-down menu. To learn more about creating new categories, visit the Adding and Managing Categories article. 
  • Assign User Groups: Select from the following levels of access:
    • Administrator Access: Only users with administrative access will be able to view the asset.
    • All Users: Assets can be accessed by all users.
    • Assign User Group(s): Access to assets is based on user groups. When selected, a drop-down menu of groups will display. Simply select the preferred group(s). If no option is selected, the file will be available to all user groups. To learn more about adding groups, visit the Adding Groups article.  

Click the Save button to upload your assets. Once the upload is complete, you assets will display on the DAM Results page.

Figure 6. Asset settings

Note: By default, the asset file name will be used as the asset title. It is recommended that you modify the asset title after uploading. Choose a brief but descriptive title to help users easily find the document. To learn more about editing an asset, visit the Editing and Deleting an Asset article.