Uploading an Asset

The Konvert™ DAM is a secure place to store the important files your organization needs. Add an extra layer of security by making files visible only to specific users. 


From the Results page, you can add an asset by clicking the Add assets button (Fig. 1) beneath the search bar. 

Figure 1. Click the Add button beneath the search bar.

This will take you to the Digital Asset Library – Adding Digital Assets page, where you can add all of your files to the DAM. To upload an asset, either drag the asset into the area containing the "File within a cloud” logo or simply click on the area and then select a file from the pop-up menu (Fig. 2). After dragging or selecting an asset, the file will appear with the thumbnail and the title of your asset.

Figure 2. Drag and drop assets or click to upload a file.

Underneath your asset(s), you will see a section titled Assign User Groups (Fig. 3). This will grant asset access to any users within the user group you select. Click the name of the user group you would like to assign the file to. If no option is selected, the file will be available to all user groups.

Figure 3. Assign User Groups.

Select from the list of Categories (Fig. 4) located at the right-hand side of the page to immediately assign selected categories to the asset being added.

Figure 4. Select from the list of Categories.

Click the orange Upload button (Fig. 5) at the bottom of the screen to upload the file into the DAM. You will now see your file alongside any other files that you have in your DAM.

Figure 5. Click the Upload button.

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