Getting Started with the DAM

The Konvert™ digital asset management (DAM) platform is a secure environment to share assets more quickly and simply than email. The platform makes it easy for users to securely store, edit, manage and retrieve digital data with intuitive search and tagging and filtering options. 

  • Search file names, categories and tags to quickly locate the assets you need
  • Promote featured categories and your most recent files
  • Thumbnail previews help you locate, update and edit your assets with an easy-to-use management system

To get started with your DAM, complete the following steps:


When uploading an asset, you will assign group access which will allow users within that group to have access to the asset in your digital asset library. More than one group can be assigned to an asset.

To learn more about creating groups, visit the Adding Groups article.


We recommend that you start with creating categories before uploading assets and customizing your landing page. 

To learn more about creating categories, visit the Adding and Managing Categories article.

Branding Opportunity

  • When creating categories, you can upload an image to match your brand or use the default image. 
  • Category images are displayed in the Featured Categories section of your digital asset library landing page. They can also be displayed in the DAM widget on your portal homepage. 
  • The category image size is 526 pixels by 272 pixels. Preferred file types include JPEG and PNG. 


After you create categories, we recommend that you customize your landing page by:

  • Modifying your Digital Asset Library Title if preferred
  • Enable or disable the Featured Categories section. If enabled, select up to four featured categories. For more information, visit the Manage Featured Categories article. 
  • Enable or disable the Recently Added section.

To learn more about customizing your landing page, visit the Digital Asset Library Landing Page article.


Once your groups and categories are created, you can begin to upload your assets. You can upload a single asset or several assets at one time if the assets have the same category, group or public-access settings. 

To learn more about uploading assets, visit the Uploading An Asset article.


After your assets have been uploaded, we recommend that you customize your asset title and attributes.

Title: When your asset is uploaded, the file name is the default asset title. We recommend that you choose a brief but descriptive title to help users find the document easily, and remove extra characters that are used in the file name. 

Tags: Tags are one-word identifiers that allow for more advanced filtering of assets. You can add tags by typing the name of the tag, then clicking Add Tags button. Multiple tags can be added at once by separating the tags with a comma. 

If needed, modify the group-access, category or public-access settings. 

To learn more about editing your assets, visit the Editing and Deleting Assets article. To learn more about public access, visit the Creating Public Access Links article.


Once your assets are uploaded, invite your users and start sharing your assets with your audience. Invite your users directly from the Konvert portal or utilize our invite link feature to easily onboard a group of users. 

To learn more about adding users, visit the Adding New Users article. To learn more about invite links, visit the Creating Invite Links article and Sharing Invite Links article.